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Sorry guys, but I won't be able to write a full fledged post this week.  I'm swamped with final projects and end of year fun, so I'm just going to link you to a writing site I tend to frequent that my friend and I created (the same one I created Azryen with, go figure).  Feel free to sign up and read some of our member's work.  We are always looking for new members.

Writer's Dream

Happy Summer,

~A Fellow Writer

Hurdles: The Ultimate Writing Metaphor

This week’s post is going to be a little different. First, I must admit that I’ve been neglecting The School of Arts because I managed to get over the hurdle that has been challenging me for so long in Chasing Evelynn:

50,000 WORDS!

I just recently broke 50k in the project that I would consider my main focus, Chasing Evelynn, and since then I haven’t looked back.  There’s something so remarkably satisfying about reaching a goal like this one that I found the inspiration I needed to push forward and accomplish a great deal more.  As I’ve discussed before, as a writer there were (and still are) times when everything I wrote seemed to be garbage and that was if I managed to write anything at all.

So, the question I usually find myself asking is “how do I overcome these obstacles in the first place?”  Well, the truth is, there’s nothing I can do but muster my way through them.  There are always going to be times when I feel like I need to find a new hobby (or as I keep telling myself, potential career), but I can’t let the troubles I face stop me from doing what I love.

In these cases, all I do is write through it.  I don’t care how atrocious any of it sounds because I know if I do, I won't get anything done.  All I care about is getting my ideas on the paper, otherwise they’re apt to be lost to the cosmos that is my mind.  It has taken practice, but I’ve learned to worry less about sentence level issues while I’m writing and focus more on simply getting my thoughts onto the page.  I write what is on my mind, not what I believe others will sound good.  That’s why revision exists, because the first time someone writes something it will never be perfect.  There’s no way around it.

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~A Fellow Writer

Another Beginning's End

For the purpose of this blog, which is going to be completely about writing and more specifically, me writing, I'm going to begin a novel completely from scratch.  As I write it, I will keep a journal of sorts, which will detail the process I go through to come up with ideas and how I develop them to fit into the plot of a coherent and (hopefully) engaging story.  I will also be sure to address difficulties I face while writing (troubles that inevitably plague us all) and propose my own methods for overcoming them.  By doing this, I hope to discover things about myself I didn't know before and uncover new (and perhaps, useful) ways to combat the struggles a writer faces on a daily basis.

You might, however, be wondering what possessed me to begin a blog about writing in the first place.  You see, I've been writing for as long as I can remember.  Seriously, my memory goes about as far back as sixth grade, when my English teacher, Mrs. Anderson, unknowingly changed my life.  It had been as simple as handing me "The Bad Beginning" and suggesting I read it in my free time.  Yes, the title is ironic, but I'm not joking.  This book, the first in The Series of Unfortunate Events, written by one of my all time favorite authors under the pen name of Lemony Snicket, utterly and irrevocably changed my life.  Had it not been for the story of the Baudelaire siblings, their tribulations and triumphs and unconditional love, I would have never been inspired to create stories of my own.  I'd like to think my journey didn't have a bad beginning, but I suppose I won't be able to decide that until I've reached it's end.  And by end I mean the completion of something substantial.  Something that, one day, everyone will recognize as a tale that changed their lives.

Before I begin this new project, I thought it might be worth mentioning that I'm currently at work on a different novel, as well.  I've given it the title, "Chasing Evelynn," and it's a story about love and diversity, set in a future I've constructed from my own views on the world.  Of course, the ideas I present in it are fictional and exaggerated, but I feel they're realistic enough to convey my intended message.  The story itself is currently sitting at roughly 50,000 words, which as most know is "novel length" by many standards, but it's no where near completion.  There is still so much story left to for me tell and a lot that I've yet to decide.  That's another thing that I'll get into as I continue writing this blog, the decisions we, as writers, face in crafting our tales and in our everyday lives.

You will find a link to my story, Chasing Evelynn, in the side bar, in case you're interested in seeing what it's all about, but it will not be the focus of this blog.  I want to be able to start fresh and experience the thrills of coming up with new ideas again and share my experiences with you.  I hope you find inspiration somewhere within these words, because we all have a story to tell.  It's just a matter of deciding where you want to begin.

That's all for now,

A fellow writer.