The Balancing Act of Life

Any student, college or otherwise, knows of the stress that comes with a full workload and the seemingly endless stream of assignments that professors and teachers enjoy sending our way.  So, what’s a writer to do when all our free time is spent constructing formulaic essays and completing sets of inane calculus problems?  I can’t speak for everyone, but there are times when I finish everything I need to do on a particular day and experience an overwhelming urge to write something creative.  Then, even more common, are the days when all I want to do when I’m done is eat junk food and watch Doctor Who.

If you’re as in love with writing as I am, then you’ll know how rewarding a solid hour spent tackling your next chapter can feel on a lousy day.  I can’t stress this next point enough and I have countless times before.  If you don’t love it—if taking a few hours out of your hectic lifestyle to sit down and let your creative juices flow isn’t appealing—then nothing will get done.  That being said, I’ve recently devised a plan to make sure I always have at least a half hour to write on any given day.  I schedule it.  It doesn’t get more spontaneous than that, right?  Sarcasm aside, if I know I’m going to be incredibly busy, I fit it into my schedule.  It’s an amazing way to unwind after a long day of work.  Think of it as if you’re reading a book before you fall asleep.  The only difference is that you’re writing the words for someone else to enjoy in the future.

Scheduling is the bane of any college writer’s existence.  “I have class from eight to twelve, then I have to give myself time to eat lunch from twelve to twelve thirty, then I have class again until two, then I have work from three to eight and somewhere in there I have to write a two page essay and finish my problem set for Chemistry.”  I don’t see a place where creative writing might fit into that schedule, do you?  But if you really want it to, you’ll find the time you need to accomplish something substantial.  Maybe it’ll have to wait until the weekend, but who’s to say you can’t be productive enough then to make up for the hectic week during which you could get absolutely nothing done.

If you honestly love it, you’ll find the time.

That’s all for now,

A Fellow Writer.

One thought on “The Balancing Act of Life

  1. kevin Lynch says:

    I am terrible at writing papers. I procrastinate every time and end up writing at 3am. My mind goes all over the place when trying to think of a creative way to write. I can really tell that you enjoy and love writing. I wish I had the same attitude towards writing that you do. I spend hours and hours just trying to get the opening paragraph just right. Thanks for this input onto writing.

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